Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The First of the Last

I had a moment the other day.  I actually had to swallow around the giant lump swelling up in throat.  No doubt as a mom of three, I have had many unrecognized firsts.  However, this particular evening I was hit smack in the face with my first of the lasts.  Again, this notion should not have been far from my mind after I birthed the last child.  

Never again will I go to the hospital to deliver a baby. 
 As I sold my infant carrier, I missed realizing that I would never again have an infant to put in a carrier.  
As I gave away all the bottles & infant supplies, I should have stopped to savor the moment that that season in my life was over.  

None of the majors hit me until an insignificant moment getting Ella Clair ready for bed one evening.  After a bath (oh the yummy smell of a freshly bathed child-a memory etched into my brain) and a squirmy diaper change (can't say those days will EVER be missed), I dressed Ella in her jammies.  After I had pulled her pants up and stood her up, it hit me: it was the first time I would put the blue Bob & Larry VeggieTale jammies on the last of my three kids.  Jayk & Addi wore those jammies proudly and the moment arrived for it to be my sweet baby's turn.  Truly wondering where the time has gone?  

I am sure that my Mommy-brain will cause many more "firsts of lasts" oversights, but I will try hard to recognize them when the do occur and pause to savor the moment.