Sunday, July 1, 2012

My Splash of Reality

Summer is upon us and that means swimming, swimming and more swimming for the Parsons Family Five.  If you need us, we are in the pool.

Morning... we are swimming.
Noon... swimming.
Afternoon... yep, swimming again.
After dinner... why not?!  Swimming again!

It was dark-thrity one evening and my kids had convinced me to join them for a late night swim.  We had giggled and splashed and dunked and jumped the night away.  The air was getting a little chilly and I was ready to be done.  Addi begged me to stay just a little longer to watch as she performed various jumps from the side into the pool named after her favorite Marvel Super Heroes and Villains (yeah, we get creative).

My sweet Ella seized the moment and swam over to snuggle in while we watched Big Sister.  The moonlight seemed to just kiss her sweet little nose.  With pool water reflecting that same moonlight, I could barely see the outline of her innocent 5-year old face.  I was in Heaven.  Not in my lap but mere seconds, she dips her head back onto my shoulder and whispered quietly into my ear,
"Is that better, Momma?"  
My heart melted at the sweet concern of my Little Nugget.  

Reality slapped me in the face like Big Sister's splash.  "Uhhh, Ella, did you just pee on me?"