Wednesday, September 14, 2011

It Makes Perfect Sense

We are several weeks into the school year and the kids have been learning a lot.  It makes me smile to see my kids spewing out of their mouth the educational things they learn at school.

Tonight, a conversation took place that just made me giggle.  Jaykob hollered from his room, where he was getting his jammies on, to me in Ella's room, where I was setting out her school clothes.

"Hey Mom! Did you watch the news yesterday?"

(Really!? I can't even remember what I wore yesterday, let alone if I watched the news!?!?!)

"Ummmmm, I can't remember, Jayk.  Why?"

"Some scientist made a discovery yesterday."

Still upset about loosing Pluto as one of our planets in our Solar System, I was bracing to hear what the scientific community was going to throw on me now!

"What kind of discovery?"

"This scientist said that some apple juice has poison in it!!!"

Relieved that my planets were not all out of whack, I replied:

"Yes, I had heard something about that yesterday."

"I don't believe it for a second, Mom.  We drink a lot of apple juice and we are just fine."

As a non-alarmist when it comes to things like that, I was proud at his pragmatic way of thinking.  

Insert comment from yet another other room where 3rd, rather dogmatic, 6-year-old member of the family chimed in...

"Well, Jaykob, I believe in God!  
I DON'T believe in science!  
heard a story where God was represented as the color PINK 
and you KNOW I like the color pink!  
And scientists were represented as the color yellow 
and well, pink is so much prettier than yellow.  
I love pink and I definitely believe in God.  
I do not believe in scientists!"