Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Election Time!!!

The kids were able to participate in this year's pivotal and historical election.  Although I think it was the promise of a cookie and a sticker that was more appealing than the promise of a brighter tomorrow, but we were proud of them none the less!  
Jaykob did tell me the morning after the election when he had learned that the guy he had voted for did not win that "We voted for the wrong guy, Mom.  We should have voted for Oracka Obama."  I did my best to assure him that although "our guy" lost, it is going to be okay because God is in control!  
Too bad I couldn't write a 5 year old in as a write-in candidate for President!  Maybe one day!

Tuesday, November 4, 2008


What a fun Halloween we had!!! We were able to make good use of the Halloween costumes this year, hitting three different opportunities to wear them.
The kids attended the church party Wednesday night; Jayk dressed as a ninja, Addi as "white Cinderella" (The Cinderella bride that marries Prince Charming at the end of the story), and Ella as a ladybug.
Friday night, we met up with friends in a nearby neighborhood for an evening of trick or treating.  Jayk dressed as a ninja (again), but this time wearing the EXACT same costume, Addi became "white Belle" (again, the bride that marries her prince at the end of the story), and Ella dressed as Tinker Bell.  Our precious Tinker Bell pooped out a little early because it got a little colder than Mommy had expected and Tinker could no longer say "Trick or Treat" through the shivering.
Saturday night brought about our annual Youth Fall Harvest Party Extravaganza.  Mom & Dad even got in on the fun of dressing up!  Daddy followed in his son's footsteps and the two were ninjas together for the evening.  Mommy graced everyone with her presence as a pirate (don't ninjas hate pirates in "real" life?) and Ella resumed her ladybug costume (less itchy than Tinker Bell).  But is was Addi's stunning transformation (again wearing the EXACT same costume) to become "white Jasmine" (yes, the bride at the end of the story that marries her prince) that took our breath away!  We love her imagination!!!
Needless to say, we had a great time of it all!  I truly think the Halloween celebrating has been enjoyed mostly by Tony & I (along with our friends The Littles visiting from KS) by nightly "saving" our children from the tooth & tummy aches by consuming the bulk majority of the Halloween candy.  Mmmmmmmmmm!