Friday, December 19, 2008

Jaykob the English Teacher

We received a compliment the other day from Jaykob's kindergarten teacher.  Appearantly there is a little boy in his class that came in the beginning of the year not able to speak ANY English (he is a cute little asian boy).  Mrs. Clayton told us in a day and age when so many kids (and adults) shun those who are different, Jaykob has embraced Dah Wah and has made it his mission to teach him English.  Jaykob gets so excited when Dah learns a new word!  He even comes home from school with a report of the new words Dah has recently learned.  His teacher's heart and compassion flows over at home with his littlest sister when he tries really hard to teach her new words too!  What a sweet boy!  Can you tell we are proud?!?!?!