Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Another Year, Another Grade

I am writing to you from a position I have never been in before. Many of those reading have been in my shoes at some time or another. Some however are reading and taking notes as I blaze this trail before them. Whatever your position, here is my story.

Today came early as I awoke to a sunny morning. A grumpy and sleepy six year old joined me as we struggled to keep our eyes open while eating a bowl of Apple Jacks. Grumpy Boy became increasingly excited as the minutes ticked away nearing the time to leave the house (then again, it could have been the sugar in the Apple Jacks!).

Alas, the time arrived to head off. We jumped in the car, trying our best to make sure we had plenty of time for pictures and for mom’s sentimental moments. The traffic was heavier than I remembered, but we maneuvered our way on that familiar route.

The halls were crowded but I asked my little man to lead the way. He bravely took me by the hand and showed me where to go. Room 120 was our destination and he found it as if he had walked that way a million times before. Aside from our Open House visit, it was the first of a many number of trips he will take down that friendly hallway.

I snapped a few pictures and tried my hardest not to linger either in the hallway or in the classroom itself. Its another year, and again, I leave my baby in the hands of a complete stranger. Ugh, why????

Fast forward several hours to the end of the school day. I am nervous for my son as he tackles for the first time the big yellow school bus. I am not sure I am ready for what life on the bus ride home will teach him, but it is only a 4 minute ride. I park myself out on the swing on the front porch to wait for the first sign of Bus 987. I flinch every time a bus turns the corner, then finally I see it! A sweaty boy emerges with a big grin on his face, extremely proud of his accomplishment! I beam with pride as well to see his pride! Together we walk into the house as he tells me about first grade.

“First Grade is hard, Mom.”

“Why, buddy?”

“Well, you have to sit still all day long.”

“Like a statue?”

“Yeah, and you have to be quiet all day too.”

As I was tucking him in bed tonight, I questioned him again about first grade. “Mom, it was pretty good today. I think I like first grade.”