Monday, June 20, 2011

Lord, Help Me!

Well, the thing I have feared for years has finally happened! I have dreaded this moment for eight long years and knew the time would come.

I have sought out every opportunity for this event NOT to happen. I have withheld anything related to the subject in hopes of thwarting any schemes. I have avoided the subject in conversation in fear that the mere thought might plant ideas and notions in the heads of curious minds. Some might argue the fact that I merely worried on it beseeched the event to happen.

No matter how hard I tried, my efforts failed.

It happened.

One of my children cut their own hair.

Did I mention she actually used safety scissors???

When I questioned said individual about her choice, her response was child-like & simple.

"It was in my eyes."

Albeit not what I wanted in the way of hairstyles for my four-year old (I still have choosing rights for several more years, right?), she has some pretty sweet stylist skills! Her trim was pretty precise! Not too long. Not too short. A perfect length.

It has been several days and I am still a little perturbed every time I see those pesky little bangs we worked so hard and so long to grow out. Its just hair. It will grow back. I will get over it.

I thought for sure when we hit four years old, I could relax my fears. Clearly, I was mistaken. Point proven, Ella.

My new fear... this is just the beginning of the mischief to come out of this little girl! Ornery little thing.

Momma always prayed I'd have one like me!