Monday, September 22, 2008

Dandelion Days

Jaykob loves his Mommy and one of the ways he shows his love & appreciation for me is the way any man should...through flowers. In fact every flower. His tender compassionate heart sees a beautiful dandelion and off he runs to make sure his Mommy has one for the little vase in her windowsill. I know these days will end, I am just not sure when. Until that time, I will cherish each & every beautiful flower that reaches out from his little hand to mine.

Aye, Matey!

Daddy & Jaykob had the opportunity to attend the Lowe’s free “How-To” clinic one Saturday.  Jaykob was so excited to spend the morning with his Daddy and their mission was to build a Pirate Ship.  It was a bonding day for the two of them as Jaykob took several whacks with the hammer into the starboard side of the ship.  It did not take very long for Jayk’s little arm to run out of juice & Daddy had to take over with the hammer. The two returned home about an hour later with a new pint-sized carpenter’s apron, protective eye wear, a certificate of achievement (for the wanna-be carpenter) but above all else a wee little pirate ship, complete with a Jolly Roger flag.  Like father, like son--my little carpenter duo!

Giddy-Up, Cowgirl!!!

Quickly after we moved here to North Carolina, some of our teen girls rode their horses to our house to show the kids.  All of the kids were quite hesitant to be so close-up to the beautiful beasts.  Fast forward several months and all three kids had the opportunity to have their picture taken on one of these gentle giants at our church’s “Round-Up Sunday” (Sunday School promotion).  I was very uncertain of how each would do remembering their hesitation they showed last time they were so close to the horses.  Appearantly they have selective memory. 

 Ella showed slight hesitation, but Jaykob was  willing to jump right up there to pose for a picture.  Addi was braver still, asking one of the teens to take her for a short ride.  Nearly everyday since she has been asking to ride again! Giddy-up cowgirl!!!

Monday, September 8, 2008

My Big Girl, Addi

My sweet blonde-headed princess girl started her first day of preschool today.  This day played itself up in my mind like a well rehearsed play.  I would get her dressed in her little dress she would have insisted on wearing.  I would walk her past Daddy's office, past the cemetery, down the hill and into the doors all the while answering question after question being fired by a curious three year old and schlepping her baby sister on my hip.  With each step closer to her brand new class, I anticipated feeling her small hand in mine clinging harder and harder until we reached the door.  As the sweet lady standing in front of her ready to greet her & sweep her off to her new adventure called preschool, she would cling to my leg as if it where the boogie man stealing her away from her Mommy.  I anticipated peeling her hands off of me only to unleash the flood gate of tears that I was positive would ensue.  This drama continued in my mind with me walking out of the classroom as my sweetheart collapsed into a heap on the floor as I have seen her do before because Mommy had abandoned her.  I would walk away from the scene a guilty mess, but confident that I was making the right decision in leaving her at preschool and make every attempt to enjoy my morning.   Addi must have been taking bravery lessons from her older brother, Jaykob.  Appearantly I have grossly underestimated my children as of recent!  Nothing remotely close to what I had rehearsed in my mind played out for Addi's first day of preschool.  The one I had thought would go into her new class kicking & screaming gave me nothing more than a quick hug & kiss and was off.  I hung around for a moment anticipating what I thought was going to be the inevitable tears, hoping I would get just one more snuggle & smooch, but all I got was an excited smile as she discovered the dress up clothes.  
I walked away today with my head held high so proud of my big girl but yet with a slight tug in my heart for the day when I was needed & chosen.   Albeit three years old & still very much in need of her Mommy, Addi is growing up.  Yet, Tony & I can rest in the fact that we 
are raising confident children.  A fact we should be and are very proud of!  Happy Preschool Day, Addilyn!!!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

The Bad Idea Shirt

After Saturday night bath, Addi wanted to snuggle with some of the teens that were at our house for the evening before she crawled into bed.  Little Miss Independent carefully picked out her own "jammies" and dressed herself for bed.  The jammies she picked out were an unmatching green Strawberry Shortcake tank top that was about seven sizes too big mixed with a pair of blue & red stretch pants (at least a size too small).  As she ran around the living room prior to settling down for some snuggle time, her tank top kept creeping down showing off her "boobies" (which are a fairly new phenomenon in her three year old world).  Mommy & Daddy kept telling her to pull her tank top up because it is not ok for boys to see that part of her body.  She looked up and said, "Mommy, this is a 'Bad Idea Shirt'!"  I can only hope & pray that as my little girl grows, she will continue to protect the precious body God gave her by staying away from "Bad Idea Shirts".