Monday, September 7, 2009

The Age I Love

Jayk is 6 1/2. I ABSOLUTELY love this age he is in right now.

His independence has started to unfold like the drying wings of a young duckling. It is stretching wide as we allow the tether of childhood to unfold inch by inch. We have allowed moments for our Big Boy to venture out on his own and run ahead several paces - even out of sight momentarily.

The scales of his growing independence are balanced however with the tender moments of a young boy still needing his Momma. They are few and far between and I know I am nearing the end of the time when my little blonde-haired buddy will quit crawling into my lap needing a snuggle from the one that nestled him in her womb.

The growing independence of this boy balanced with this youngling still needing his Momma is what has my heart in a vice. I love to see his silly antics looking to be the center of attention peppered with a broken heart because his sister broke his lego truck he spent four hours creating. Oh, the teeter totter ride of emotions he is on.

I am privileged to be the one to cheer him on, watching him closely from the sidelines as he stretches his wings and flies. I am thrilled to be the one to lift him up when his broken heart has thrown him to the ground.

I am patient. I will wait for my turn. I am his Momma.