Sunday, February 5, 2012


Another year has come and gone.  
Two more fingers on the second hand are up, thus displaying the 

She is a first grader.  
She loves Jesus.
She is artistic.  
She is shy.
She is smart.
She is beautiful.
She loves to sing.
She loves to read.

She is mischievous.
She is curious.
She still has no front teeth.
She enjoys her sister (most of the time).
She tolerates her brother (when she has to).
She has Daddy all figured out.

She is a lover of all things "bunny".
She is an excellent mommy to her pet bunny, Snowball. 
She is rarely seen apart from Baby Bunny.
She is the world's best snuggler.
She is fashionable.
She loves to cook.
She worries about leaving for college.
She is our precious Addi.

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