Sunday, February 19, 2012

Snowmageddon 2012

 They talked about it for days.  
They waited for it for hours.  
They endlessly begged to go outside.
I relented.

While grabbing the first fall for fresh Snowcream before it could get trampled, I received a wet snowball to the side of the face from a giggly little boy as gratitude.  Clothed in what he quickly found in the basement and snowboots two sizes too small, the snowball fight began.

Little sisters followed suit with what they could quickly find as well. 
An eclectic mix of attire, for sure, but for the fun that was had... who cares!?

As always, our house is full of teenagers on Sunday nights and Snowmageddon 2012 was no different. While crouching, undetected, out of the crossfire of snowballs, Addi cautiously packed her snowball and waited for her moment of glory.  "Hey Jon!," she called out to one of the boys, "this one's yours!" As if pulling the pin from a grenade with her teeth, she takes a bite of the snowball & launches it squarely at her target.  Down came her big Goliath.

A memorable night had by all with pictures to prove it...
As is always the case here in North Carolina, 
if you don't like the weather, 
just wait until tomorrow.

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